Facebook is winning me over

OK, my last post was about consumer fear. I heard about the new Facebook advertising platform and I was afraid they were selling out.

In order to pacify my fears I decided to set up my own company "Page" for HUGONGO, and check it out from the advertisers perspective... Facebook is winning me over.

Every business should have their own Facebook "Page" and should do everything they can to start connecting with their customers. This is a valuable way to stay intimately connected with your users that not only builds your brand but gives you access to the most important feedback system available. Plus, once you have a Facebook Page you can create advertising campaigns that help your company by helping your customer.

For example, if you are a chiropractor your most valuable advertising is a customer testimonial. Facebook makes it possible for you to become another touch point in that social network. Ask your customers to add your company to their network and help them share their experiences with you to their friends.

I'm still having concerns about privacy and consumer backlash, but the more I explore the platform the more potential I see for a new kind of advertising system.

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