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FastPencil on Abc News

The Abc News van dropped by our office today to find out what FastPencil is all about. Check out the video news story , it even has a web conference with Rick Rieser, the author of Percy.

FastPencil in the News

We have been surfing this wave of publishing industry disruption for a year now and it's starting to get exciting. This morning the San Jose Mercury News had us on the front page. The Santa Cruz Sentinel picked up the story on their site, too. But the most exciting thing is how the media is starting to understand what we are all about. This article was very close, but they said we focus on the paper book, not e-books. FastPencil actually makes it possible for an author to get their book in ANY format, paper or electronic, without having to jump through hoops . One click and we can make your book available as paperback, hardcover, Kindle, e-book, iPhone, and more. That's the amazing thing about FastPencil, write once and publish anywhere! Our motto is "Your book, no boundaries" and FastPencil is the only place where you can make that dream come true with just a few clicks. Come to FastPencil to connect, write, publish and sell your book. It's your dream

FastPencil and iPhone Users

If you are a FastPencil user and have an iPhone, we would love to get your feedback on a project we are working on. I was going to give you a sneak peak, but I've been told I have to keep it under wraps for now. Just believe me, it's awesome! Let me know if you want to be part of a special test group. UPDATE: We've released our new iPhone App which allows you to connect to your project, write, edit and comment. Take it for a spin!

Dick DeBartolo Reviews FastPencil on the Daily GizWiz

Dick DeBartolo gets it. Dick is a former writer for Mad Magazine and famous for his gadgets. Now Dick is writing a book on FastPencil and he's loving it. Check out his GizWiz podcast review on , it's entertaining and informative, but most of all he describes the features and benefits in a way that makes sense. FastPencil is simple, fun and anyone can write a book.

Hot off the press!

FastPencil helps first time author, Rick Rieser, fulfill his dream. We just got a copy of Percy the Perfectly Imperfect Chicken and it looks hot! This is an example of how FastPencil can help an author go from idea, through collaboration and into distribution. I was so excited I snapped a quick photo with my iPhone to share with you: If you have a book inside and want to get it out, take a look at FastPencil and see if it's right for you.

FastPencil gets a new design

It's been a fast and furious 6 weeks but the result that we launched on Tuesday is more than worth the effort. FastPencil got a new home page design, new Marketplace features to help authors and service providers connect, and we unveiled our ColorBook Creator. That means authors can write and publish cookbooks, comic books, graphic novels and photo books with just a few clicks. Plus we updated our Novel writing tool and added a new output template we call Elegance. Elegance was designed by our professional book designer to make your novel look and read like a million-bucks! Check out all the new changes and send me feedback on the design.