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Web Design Rules and Blogging Gets Easier

On my last post I talked aboutt how easy it is to create a functional web site using open source software. Well, it's getting even easier. Godaddy has a new feature called Marketplace where they have all kinds of open source software, ready to install with a click of a button. I know this isn't new, web hosting companies have been offering add-on's and features for years. But Godaddy has made it extremely simple. And they have good stuff, too. For example, I set up a WordPress blog site in about 5 minutes with the click of a button. But more exciting than having a basic blog, I discovered the real power in WordPress. This open source software is flexible, easy-to-use, and powerful. A person or business could literally create a fully functional web site in less time than it's taking me to write this blog. Now, I've been building web sites for 10 years, and for me to get excited about free software, and services like Godaddy, is really something. For years I have been