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Follow Your Heart

"If you want to follow your heart, you must be in touch with your heart." Even though you may feel busy, it's important to take time to reflect, journal, meditate and listen to your heart. It's not easy, but the alternative is to be swept away by the desires and motives of others.  I discovered that I like to wake up slowly. After spending many years waking up to alarms, rushing through my coffee and jumping into remote meetings with teams across the globe, I now set aside 2 hours to wake up at my own pace. That doesn't mean I'm a slouch or lazy. It means I set aside time to enjoy the morning, enjoy my coffee and breakfast, spend time in prayer and meditation, and write in my journal.  This has been incredibly fulfilling and makes me a better person for the rest of the day. But this time is not easy to capture if you don't put it on your calendar. I specifically have a time slot set aside for waking up which blocks my calendar as busy and I don't h