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Rethinking Enterprise UX in the Age of Consumerization

Check out my piece in UX Magazine on the difference between end-user and Administrator UX when designing for the enterprise: --Mash

E-mail or Email, Does it Really Matter?

I have been reading through datasheets, websites, product literature and user guides for years. I'm a product guy and I like to pay attention to the details. You can tell a lot about a company by the words they choose, and the way they use them. When a company uses different words, with different capitalization, and different spelling, that's a sign of trouble. On the other hand, when I come across a website where the words are well chosen and consistent, there is an obvious attention to detail and it's easier to build trust and a relationship with that company... and I like that. Take a look at the words you use within your product and within your literature. Make sure you are consistent and the same words are used throughout your entire organization. Here are a few common words used in software today that companies often stumble upon: 1. E-mail, Email, or email - This is a pet peeve, especially going across product UI, datasheets and user guides. It doesn't real

You May Be Working an Extra Day a Week — And Loving It?

Happy to see my piece in WIRED this morning: --Mash