Biggest - Another Facebook App

I started the process of designing and coding a Facebook app last week and I'm pretty happy at the results so far. The application I'm building is called "Biggest" and it's a boasting machine. Stake your claims, share them with your friends and hope they don't challenge you to prove it. You might have to show evidence or have another friend vouch for you.

The reason I'm building Biggest is to learn more about the Facebook platform and see how it will work for HUGONGO, our social travel guide product. If it turns out to be a good resource I'm sure we will develop an app for HUGONGO that will allow friends to create and share travel guides and maps.

I'm using Ruby on Rails, hosted at Joyent with mySql. The most useful resource I've found so far is on and looking at other apps has been really helpful, especially for UI ideas. Oh, and the book Getting Real, by 37 Signals, is awesome.

Hope that helps with your project.

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