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Seth Godin interview and the AuthoREvolution

Seth Godin is an Authorist even if he doesn't know it. This interview is a great glimpse into the future of eBooks, Kindle, iPad and the AuthoREvolution. Enjoy,

2010 Authorist Review - Call for Submissions

AuthREvolution is publishing the 2010 Authorist Review: Poetry and Short Stories by REvolutionary Authors. We are accepting submissions until March 30, 2010. The top 100 poems and short stories will be published and receive a free copy of the Authorist Review. Submit your poetry or short story now. This is not a free poetry contest. The Authorist Review will judge every submission and choose the top 100 for publication. After payment you may submit up to 3 poems or short stories One Entry $10.00 Two Entries $20.00 Three Entries $30.00 By submitting poetry and short stories you agree that you own the copyright to your material and give permission to the Authorist Review to publish and distribute, if selected, in the 2010 Authorist Review.

New Examiner Title

Just found out my new title as Silicon Valley Publishing Examiner... I'm moving up in the world!

The end of bookstores

It will be a sad day when bookstores disappear completely, but it may not be far away. Read about my take on it and when it's going to happen at the Examiner,
Hosting the first FastPencil-Santa-Cruz Meetup tonight,