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SocialText, Joomla, Godaddy, can web publishing get any easier?

I started building web sites in 1996, when you had to hand code HTML and 90% of web sites looked like really bad MS Word docs. Amazingly, 90% of web sites still look like bad MS Word docs, but there's hope! Easy-to-use, open-source web publishing systems, content management systems (CMS) and wiki's are changing the nature of the web completely. And as companies like Godaddy make it easy to buy a domain, set up a CMS, add a blog a wiki and a forum all in about 30 minutes, small businesses can get up to speed for a very small investment. Unfortunately, it's not easy to customize and integrate these open source systems for a small business, so the cost will get transferred from web development to design, integration and support. This is an important transition because it will completely change the nature of many web design companies and their business models. The main advantage I see is that creative companies will be able to focus their strengths on creative design, rather th

New Attitude Toward Blogging... and Life.

I spent a lot of time over the last few years trying to come up with helpful topics to blog about. I figured that if I was going to spend my time typing and you were going to spend your time reading, I should at least have something really important to say! Well, I have a new attitude toward blogging. PEACE. P - Plant seeds You know what I mean when I say to plant seeds. You can feel it in your heart. Plant seeds of love, joy, friendship, community, churches, gardens, whatever you can imagine. If you are in recovery, start a new meeting. If you are in a church, ask what you can do to be of service. If you feel called, plant a new church! Go out into the world and in your own special way, plant seeds. E - Educate yourself The best gift you can give yourself is continued education. The lack of education in the world is one of the greatest causes of continued oppression and poverty. Be part of the solution and keep learning. A - Assist the poor This is one of the hardest things to do when