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Yes We Can

Who are you to believe you are too small to make a difference, too weak to fight for change, too battered to hope for a brighter future? Is there anyone out there who is ready to make a difference, ready to voice the truth, ready to take a stand? You are not too small, you are not too weak, you are not too defeated. There is only one way to make a difference. You cannot do it in your head, you cannot do it in your heart, you cannot make a change without leaving the safety of your own thoughts. The only way we can make a change is to voice it to the world, to bring it down to our own feet, to make ripples in our own life. Step outside and tell everyone, "We can... Yes, we can!"

Ruby on Rails Programmer Wanted

I'm looking for someone here in Santa Cruz to help out with a Ruby on Rails project. If anyone out there wants to help, or knows a Ruby coder, email me asap. The web site is, check it out and let me know what you think.

Working on a new business:

It seems like everyone I talk to wants to write a book. So I came up with a new business called to help my family and friends write the books they always talk about. It's really a fast, easy, organized way to write. If you want to write a book, try it out: . Let me know what you think!