Setting up your new author workspace

Technology is great if it really makes your life easier. That's what the AuthoREvolution is all about: discovering and using technology that makes your job easier... and more fun!

After I created my book project on FastPencil for AuthoREvolution, I immediately started setting up my community and networks. That included the following:

1. @AuthoREvolution twitter account
2. Facebook page for AuthoREvolution
3. Wordpress blog for AuthoREvolution

Then I made sure my personal accounts were in order:

1. blogger account
2. Tumblr blog
3. LinkedIN
4. Misc other communities I participate in

NOW, if I had to manage every single account I would go crazy - so I setup a account. will allow you to post to all of your accounts from one place. It's the slickest interface and time-savings tool you will use. Plus, they make it dead-simple to post different content to different containers. So you can post a blog to your blogging accounts, and status updates to your social containers. Awesome technology.

So, your first mission is to setup your accounts, blogs, pages, etc. and then tie them together using and get used to posting from just one place.

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