Mobile Book Authoring Transforms Your Publishing Workflow

When the muse comes calling, you have to start writing. Today that means more than just a pencil and paper. If you are a writer it means mobile book authoring, editing and publishing. Here are four new technologies that will forever transform your workflow as an author:

SaaS Applications
SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It means the software you use to write your book (your word processor, for example), isn’t actually installed on your computer. It’s a service you subscribe to over the Internet. One popular book authoring SaaS option today is, which is a writing and collaboration service powering thousands of authors. SaaS word processors transform the way you write your book because they can do much more than just store content and perform spell checks. A good SaaS writing tool will connect you in a meaningful way with the people helping you write, publish and market your book. It may be a co-author, an editor, or just some friends who read and comment on your book. The key is, it’s connected. Software as a Service helps you write better, faster, cheaper, and in a more collaborative way than ever before.

Mobile Applications
The cell phone is no longer just for chatting. It’s a full-powered computer that allows you to be more productive when inspiration strikes, not just when you schedule it. The iPhone has transformed the way we use mobile devices, and now Google has entered the market with their Android mobile operating system. That means you will soon be able to access many of your writing tools on your cell phone. For example, the iPhone has over 100,000 apps that let you do everything from manage your daily life to play online games. just released a mobile book authoring app that gives you instant access to your book projects and your collaborations. So when you’re sitting in the subway or taking a walk in the park and inspiration strikes, you can open your book project and take notes or just start writing directly into your chapters. Mobile apps give you more freedom and faster access to your content, no matter where you are when the muse calls you.

Mobile Hardware
Not only are mobile apps changing the way you write and collaborate, but new mobile technology and netbooks will make it even easier to read, write and work together in a more meaningful way. The Kindle made eBooks a household name, and it’s very likely anything you write today will have an eBook distribution channel when it’s published. But Kindle isn’t just for reading. You can bookmark and share with your friends so the reading experience isn’t so secluded. And with Apple getting ready to release their version of a tablet, you will be able to use mobile apps like FastPencil to do serious reading, writing and collaboration.

Instant Publishing
As better SaaS applications, mobile apps and devices emerge, your job as a writer will get easier, but it will also get faster. You will be able to go from idea to published book in a matter of clicks, not years. The more you take advantage of this new technology and make it part of your workflow, the better positioned you will be to succeed in the new publishing reality.

Mobile devices and apps will change the way books are written, edited and published. No longer will you have to nurture your idea, shop it around for a publisher, battle with complicated word processing software and search endlessly for old notebooks or disparate files lost on an old computer. You will be connected to your content and your collaborators through your SaaS, you’ll have immediate access to your notes and chapters through your mobile apps, and you’ll publish with just a few clicks, no permission slip required. The muse doesn’t like to wait for you to get home and find a notebook. Be ready when she calls!

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