My Other Interests:

I usually only post business-type stuff on this blog, but I do have other hobbies and interests. One of my favorites is embarking on Motorcycle Adventures. I have a 2012 BMW F650GS and I like to hop on and disappear. I also have a KTM which I take to the desert to get my fill of rock and sand. One of the best aspects of a moto adventure is when you experience the point of no-return... the moment you realize you must persevere because you can't turn back. It's one of the most amazing feelings. It's scary and exciting, it takes focus and the ability to make clear decisions. That's really what it's all about, the ability to make a decision and not waver in the face of adversity.

Well, I have a lot of other things to share about moto adventures, so I created a new web site dedicated completely to the topic: Moto Away []. It's my safe place to share motorcycle adventures with anyone interested in reading. I hope you enjoy it.


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