FastPencil is in the New York Times

Well it's been a long and winding road but FastPencil is now officially out of private alpha! We launched our public beta today so anyone can create a free account, write and publish their book. And our launch came with a big splash... the New York Times picked up an article by Anthony Ha of VentureBeat.

FastPencil isn't just about writing, it's a revolution. It's about doing something you never thought you would actually do. Something you've been wanting to do for years. The key to success is to bring in your trusted friends and family to help. They are the one's most interested in your success and will give you the encouragement you need to keep plugging away.

So throw away your excuses, take a deep breath and jump right in. FastPencil was built from the ground up to be a simple and fun way to fulfill a dream. And it's free to use. When you're ready to order a book or if you want to publish on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, etc... you'll pay as little as $10. You're in control.

So don't wait for permission from a publisher anymore, don't let anyone stifle your dream, it's none of their business if you want to publish a book... dive in and have a good time.

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